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Katz Architecture is a people focused practice, motivated by the needs of our client and seeing these resolved in a functional and poetic response to each specific site.  Our simple desire is:

Enriching Spaces – Enriching lives

Founded on strong community experience, we desire to give back to communities through design and delivery. Under this mandate, Katz Architecture has grown to complete projects in a broad range of sectors including:

  • Civic and public
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Interiors
  • Heritage and Repurposing
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Masterplanning

Katz Architecture embraces cutting edge technology and is running state of the art BIM (Building Information Modelling) systems on all projects. Such systems help us to design, illustrate, coordinate and deliver the highest level of professional service.


Our Approach

We start by looking forward.
We listen, collaborate, question and explore.
We examine detail, investigate opportunities and firm up solutions.
Our goal is to design spaces with value and purpose.

Our Approach


Balancing budget with brief, we leverage our knowledge and understanding of our client’s objectives to design enriched buildings that deliver real value.


We’re there for our clients throughout the project journey, ensuring details are followed through from inception to delivery.

Key Personnel

Paul Katz

Principal Director

Paul is the creative and visionary design leader inspiring Katz Architecture. His ability to find innovative solutions to difficult problems has earned him an enviable industry reputation. Accustomed to leading highly skilled design teams in all facets of a Projects procurement, he is keen to resolve client requirements as a first priority, in a way that surpasses expectations. Paul has particular skills in understanding client and stakeholder requirements and translating these into creative and sustainable design solutions. Clients love to see their ideas turned into architectural reality. Paul was a Principal of highly regarded Melbourne Architect Daryl Jackson, and later Design Director of Haskell prior to establishing Katz Architecture in 2011. His extensive international experience includes completed projects in England, Vietnam, China, New Zealand and all states around Australia.

Tom Turner


Tom is a passionate and dedicated Principal of the firm bringing extensive experience in delivery of complex architectural projects. Prior to joining Katz Architecture, Tom worked with highly regarded firms DCM and later as Associate with Hassell, managing major projects. Tom is a project leader and oversees project deliverables from both the architectural and consultant teams. His sharp eye for detail and dedicated pursuit for architectural perfection ensures the technical aspects of our projects are fully resolved, documented and delivered. Tom brings particular skills in resolving project requirements to the finest details. His tenacious persistence results in elegantly resolved project details and complexities. His ability to lead, coordinate and manage large consultant teams ensures the firms documentation is well above industry standards and reduces risks to our clients. With a friendly and easy-going nature, Tom is well liked and highly regarded by his peers, colleagues and clients.

Jennifer Mu


Jennifer is a senior architect and leads the company’s advanced technology systems. Focused on providing exceptional service, she tailors technology systems to our projects to ensure optimal and industry leading results. This includes overseeing the Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems in the practice. Her broad architectural skills across community, sports, residential, industrial and education projects mean she has a strong appreciation and ability to understand each sector requirement. Her drive for perfection, coupled with a tenacious desire to advance keeps her abreast of continuing developments in this area, and ensures Katz are leaders in project delivery.

Michelle Katz

Administration Manager

Michelle manages the administration of the office supporting the team in project delivery. Her key role of overseeing the firm’s finances, is balanced with her strong involvement in marketing, resourcing and business development. Michelle also brings managerial skills in Quality Control and OHS, seeing that these important areas are addressed, current and active. Michelle’s reliable support is a key asset to ensuring the smooth and effective running of the office.

Our key leaders are supported by our talented team of architects, interior designers and technicians, in the delivery of each of our projects.

Enriching spaces. Enriching Lives.

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