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Education, Interior

Highvale Primary School

Education, Interior

Highvale Primary School

“A Flexible Learning Community.”

Glen Waverley, Victoria

Department of Education

585 sqm


Project cost
$ 601K

The project provides a successful transformation of LTC units to create vibrant modern learning communities geared to the schools STEAM program

The existing make-up of the school included two 1970’s LTC units that have been retained but carefully modified to provide new modern learning spaces that are a part of a new proposed school Masterplan.

Learning community areas were created in 4 distinct areas for each of the year levels:  Prep, 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

Each precinct is grouped around a shared technology space that the learning areas open onto.

Separate spaces for intervention studies (small groups) as well as dedicated staff team resource areas complete the communities.

The masterplan reviewed all other key areas including temporary portables to cater for the expansion to 450 students.

Key design initiatives include:

  • Masterplan existing LTC Structures for flexible learning areas.
  • Masterplan and envisage future growth whilst identifying affordable options to implement immediately.
  • Collaborative briefing and engagement with school and community.
  • Cost effective and exciting school focused design response.
“Separate spaces for intervention studies (small group) as well as dedicated staff team resource areas complete the communities”

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