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Commercial, Interior


Commercial, Interior


Commercial, Interior


Commercial, Interior


As Groovy as it Gets!

Traditional Custodians
Wurundjeri People

Cremorne, Victoria

Red Cat

410 sqm

Completed 2018

Project cost
$ 150K

Contemporary, groovy interior fit-out tuned to user requirements and ethos

A progressive company, Redcat realised the potential for their new headquarters was an opportunity to evaluate new work patterns, methods and develop a facility to suit.

Katz was approached to design the new fit out in Cremorne after Redcat saw other Katz designed tenancies that resonated with them.

Seeking something different and unique, Katz has responded to the playful brief with a vibrant office space that inspires collaboration and teamwork.

Featuring a custom painted graffiti wall by Mikey XXI as the main backdrop, the workspace is central with support services including meeting rooms, offices and a breakout area positioned around it.

A new custom joinery edge provides a café like space complete with the built-in coffee machine and adjacent sitting and standing benches to suit different methods of collaboration.

A range of integration spaces is included using high backed chairs for semi separation, as well as partitioned space for complete isolation.

The exposed concrete finishes, together with exposed services provides an edgy and creative atmosphere that inspires the users.

Katz Architecture – Redcat Offices

Located in edgy Cremorne, the new workspace for Redcat provides a contextual, bold and progressive response, reflecting the company ethos. The design brings the outside in with street art, natural earthy materials and landscape elements to provide a healthy sustainable workplace that unites and motivates the Redcat team.

Enriching spaces. Enriching Lives.

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