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Caloola Reserve Pavilion

Caloola Reserve Pavilion

Caloola Reserve Pavilion

Caloola Reserve Pavilion

‘A Dynamic Park’

Oakleigh, Victoria

City of Monash


Design Stage 2018

Designed to meet Council ESD targets

Project cost
$ 2.3m

ESD Grant 2018

“An exciting design response that lifts the game and encourages involvement”

Articulated as 3 complimentary objects in the park, this unique pavilion serves many sports including tennis, soccer and cricket. The building, therefore, must relate to the large sports fields for cricket and soccer to the north, whilst equally addressing the tennis courts to the south. A centralised multi-purpose social space is shared by all users and takes in views both north and south.  Support spaces for kitchen, store and amenities are positioned to the sides to enable the dramatic see-through space to be realised.

This form is clad in Rheinzinc, a natural material that will blend with its environment whilst lifting the focus to the main central pavilion. The 2 subservient forms for storage and change rooms are clad in modest ribbed colour bond, with vertical faces dynamically angled and coloured to energise the form. Key change rooms that service the playing fields are located in a slim leaning form to the east, providing simple direct access to the fields. Existing trees are sensitively retained beside the change room block, ensuring a well-advanced landscape response upon completion of the works. An east-west pathway is maintained to link pedestrian and bicycle access to the pavilion across and through the site; thereby integrating it with its local community. New Hot Shot Courts are integrated with the building design, with a separate store pavilion expressed as an end piece to the composition.

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